The Morling Community

CommunityWelcome to the Morling College Community:

Morling College is more than just a college. It is a community of men and women, staff and students from diverse backgrounds, cultures and churches dedicated to knowing God and being equipped to serve. Morling College is committed to transformational discipleship where, as a community of believers, we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Studying at Morling provides a balance between academic study, practical training and spiritual formation, knowing that such integration transforms people as whole persons.

Whether in times of triumph or tribulation, the students and staff of Morling College are encouraged to pray for one another in chapel services and prayer triplets in order to strengthen their relationship with God, each other and their families and friends. During the academic semesters there are Discipleship groups, chapel services and scheduled times of prayer. All students and staff are invited to gather together, as a family, to worship and celebrate the living God. Both full-time and part-time students have the opportunity to be involved in leadership roles in these services. Once a week at lunchtime the Transform Mission Spot is open for all students to learn more about mission, meet with cross-cultural workers and pray for our world. Students are also encouraged to enrol in the unit Transformational Discipleship (formerly Guided Spiritual Formation) to help guide their ongoing spiritual formation.

Regardless of whether you are studying full-time or part-time, Morling College invites you to be part of a learning, welcoming and supportive community of like-minded students and staff.

For General and Academic Concerns:

Gayle Kent, the Dean of Students, is available throughout the week to meet with students and to address welfare concerns. Referrals to Christian counsellors and health-care professionals can be arranged if they are necessary. Gayle is also available to any students requiring academic support.

Gayle Kent can be reached by phone at 9878 0201 or by email at

For Financial Concerns:

The Finance Manager of Morling College, is available to talk with any students who are experiencing financial stress or difficulty, or who are in need of any form of financial advice.

They can be reached by emailing

Health Emergencies:

Health emergencies can strike without warning. If you are in need of medical assistance, you can contact any member of the Morling administrative staff during standard office hours. In case of an emergency, you can contact any available staff member or make use of the Australian national emergency hotline by dialling 000.

In addition to this, the Macquarie Park precinct is well equipped with medical centres, dental practices and other services in the nearby area.

If you require assistance from the Macquarie Medical Centre, it is located on the second level in shop 45 of the Macquarie Centre Shopping Complex and can be reached by phone at (02) 9878 6666.

Student Representative Group (SRG):

Morling College has a Student Representative Group (SRG), members of which are available to Morling students who require general support or have any other questions.

Should you have any problems with another student or with a staff member, please contact your SRG representative or one of the members of the Morling staff and faculty so you can receive the assistance that you require, whether it is advice, mediation or prayer.

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