Partnership Mission

Missions work is a necessary part of Morling College education. In order to help students gain necessary leadership experience, Morling College relies on Partnership Missions with churches. By inviting Morling College students to the church several times each year, students can experience spiritual transformation and development through outreach. By participating in the ministry under the tutelage of experienced, active pastors, Morling College students are offered the unique opportunity to learn and grow with the help of the church and its congregation. Partnership Mission involves more than just sending students and faculty to attend church services. Morling College offers assistance with a variety of events hosted by your church.


Partnership Mission involves teams of three to six students and faculty spending a weekend with a local church and engaging in a variety of activities in partnership with the congregation.

The idea is for the student team members to work with the church in whatever ways the church decides is most helpful in ministering to their community and reaching out to their neighbours. The teams are chosen by the Tinsley Institute at Morling College to give a balanced mixture of ministry abilities and experience, depending on the types of activities you wish the team members to be involved in.

For example, the team may operate within the existing church ministries. Or you may arrange a youth outreach event; a children’s mission; evangelistic meals; men’s/women’s events; and so on. Or you may wish to use the team to survey the local area and develop a profile which would be helpful for your leadership in developing future outreach strategies.

Partnership Mission Dates for 2018:

  • 4-6 May
  • 25-27 May
  • 3-5 August
  • 19-21 October

For more information about Partnership Mission, read the document below. If you still have questions, please contact the College by emailing, or giving us a call on 9878 0201. 

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