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We are reminded of the enormous growth in Morling College over the past ten years, not just in numbers of students and faculty but also in the variety of courses. In the courses we offer we are committed to equipping people so that they will be as effective as possible in the ministries they are called to fulfil.

As we continue to grow, we are grateful for the sale of part of the Morling land to enable us to begin the process of providing more facilities for our ongoing work.

I am pleased to announce that we now have tax deductibility status for all gifts to the College. This means that you can support any aspect of our ministry and claim it as a tax deduction. I encourage you to take a personal interest in the College’s ministry, to pray for and to learn all you can about those teaching and participating in particular programs.

We are very grateful for your support of the College. Your generosity in your love, prayer and financial support is so vital to the ongoing ministry. We hope you will be encouraged with us and walk with us into the future as we strive, with God’s enabling, to be the best that we can be, so that churches are enriched and God’s kingdom is extended.

Rev. Kel Willis, Chairman, Morling Foundation
Morling College would like to thank you for your support and for your prayers.

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