In order to provide Morling College students with a diverse and rounded education, the College seeks to be involved with local and international churches in an effort to allow students to be a part of the community. Churches are invited to support Morling College students by taking an active role in events and church visits, as well as the promotion of the College through church bulletin inserts. Our Marketing team,Bronwyn Jenkins & Sheree Brugel will be happy to assist you in organising your church visit.

As Morling College students seek accreditation within the Baptist Church, it is necessary for these students to experience the varied aspects of church leadership. Churches can offer support by inviting Morling College students to participate in church visits as well as through the offering of prayers.

Should your church be in need of support from future leaders, we invite you to contact us to discuss the needs of your church. As outreach and learning through doing are important aspects of the ethics and operation of Morling College, we often work with local churches during special events where our students can gain important leadership and educational experience by working directly with the congregation.

If your church has important prayer requests that you wish for us to pass on to our students, please contact our faculty.

Let us know how Morling College can serve you and your church.

Morling College has a variety of bulletin inserts that can be downloaded and printed. If you are interested in these inserts but wish to discuss them with our faculty, please call our office during regular business hours.

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