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On campus lectures are held in mornings, afternoons and evening — 6.45pm-9.30pm during the Semester weeks. Students can study at either part-time or full-time and may combine on-campus study with online study throughout their course, however each individual unit must be taken as either fully on-campus or fully online.

Full-time study at Morling

If you are looking for a residential college that allows you to partner with like-minded people also passionate for God, Morling is at the forefront of full-time biblical studies, offering students a strong foundation in Christian ethics and education that can be applied to everyday life. As a residential college, our full-time students and their families have the option to live on campus throughout their studies. However, many of our full-time students who are actively involved in ministry remain located close to their workplace.

What makes full-time study unique at Morling?

Morling operates outside the standard box of theological education, offering courses in Bible, Ministry, Mission and Theology, Chaplaincy, Counselling and Education. For young adults, we offer the unique gap-year program called Plunge, a one-year course designed for those between the ages of 18 and 23.

Part-time study at Morling

Morling is committed to offering a flexible delivery of our courses for students planning to study part-time. We offer both daytime and evening lectures, with library and kitchen facilities open to part-time students.  Morling also offers a selection of undergraduate and postgraduate week-long intensive units and semi-intensives throughout the year for both full-time and part-time students.

There are many course options available for part-time students for those attending courses on campus as well as through our distance education program. Available Courses.

At Morling, we strive to bring the broadest selection of courses available to our part-time students. By doing this, we hope to allow students to enrich their personal relationship with God while receiving the best Christian education possible.

Please do not hesitate to download our Study Part-time booklet below. This booklet will guide you through our selection of part-time courses for the current year.

If you are interested to see our complete list of courses, please visit our Courses and Units page.

Overseas applicants

If you are an international student, please click here to learn more information about applying at Morling. Please note that citizens of New Zealand do not require a Student Visa to study in Australia and technically do not count as international in terms of our admissions process.

On-campus, part-time application process

Thank you for your interest in studying at Morling. In order to ensure that you apply for the right course for you, we ask that you contact our Academic Registrar, by email at or by phone 02 9878 0201.

You will first need to complete a Part-Time Application Form. Once you have been accepted as a part-time student, you will need to fill out our Enrolment Form.

For students interested in the Certificate of Theology, you will also need to refer to and complete the form in the Certificate in Theology booklet and submit it with your application.

What can you expect when studying at Morling?

Extensive course and subject selection:

Full-time students at Morling enjoy full access to all of our courses. Whether you want to develop a closer relationship to God through biblical studies or you are interested in evangelism and missions, let us help you develop your knowledge and grow in your love for God in an environment of like-minded individuals.

Morling offers many theology units and specific study of individual biblical books, as well as New Testament and Old Testament overviews, Greek and Hebrew, Church History, Spiritual Formation, Mission and Evangelism, Preaching, Leadership and Management, Pastoral Care, Ethics, Apologetics, Youth Ministry, Aid and Development, and Church Planting.

Morling offers a selection of undergraduate and postgraduate week-long intensive units and semi-intensives throughout the year for both full-time and part-time students on the campus.

Morling also offers extensive units in the Counselling and Education programs.

Integrated training

It is our commitment to equip all of our students with everything they need to bring the gospel to the whole world. We long to be people who love God with all our heart and soul, mind and strength, and so we will pursue a balance between academic study, practical training and spiritual formation, knowing that such integration transforms us as whole persons.

Fee-Help and Austudy

Morling offers a variety of courses eligible for FEE-HELP and Austudy. Please contact us for more information on eligible courses.

Course advising

Morling provides course advisors for our students. Our faculty consists of men and women actively involved in ministry, in addition to their ministry-education work at the College. Allow our faculty to partner with you in selecting the best course for you.

A faithful, worshipping and fun community

Morling is founded on strong Christian ethics and values. All Morling students are encouraged to attend weekly chapel services, as well as join in prayer triplets and meals with other students and the staff in our dining room. We provide recreational facilities for our students including table-tennis, basketball and a soccer field.

We hope you will feel at home within the Morling community.

Residential community

Morling offers accommodation for full-time students and their families. We have a range of facilities including 2- and 3-bedroom townhouses, 1- and 2-bedroom units, and single bedroom accommodations in our general housing block. Experience a true Christian community with other students, their families, and our staff during meals, activities, and in our weekly chapel gatherings.


Morling College is located in Macquarie Park in Sydney, Australia. We are located 500 metres from Macquarie University Train Station and the Macquarie Shopping Centre.

Courses available for on-campus study

To download a copy of our Course Guide please click here.

Please see the Courses and Units page for subjects offered on-campus.

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