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The two courses run simultaneously as a part of the same cohort – they are all in classes together & with the same teachers, coaches and practical elements. The difference is that the students choosing to study at Diploma level will have some extra assessment requirements, and this course will be eligible for FEE-HELP.

Plunge has been intentionally designed so that you can continue to explore what you are learning in Plunge through ministry in your local church or ministry context. Where appropriate, students will have the opportunity to put their learning into practice within their local church and to complete some of their assessable learning in their ministry context.

Through mentoring, study, friendships, and personal and spiritual development Plunge participants are able to further identify areas of service or broaden their current ministry skills and understanding. As a result, local churches benefit significantly from the participant’s year of training with Plunge.

Applications will be accepted from August, when the Prospectus and Application Form appear online. Interviews will be held in November and December. If places are still available, additional interviews may be scheduled for January and February. However, please indicate your interest by emailing us at so we can keep you informed of updates.

Send in your application form and indicate this on a covering letter. We will then organise an appropriate interview time for you. .

No, people from non-Baptist churches are welcome to participate in the program. In the past we have had many Plunge students from a variety of church backgrounds. Whilst Morling College is the official training college for Baptist Churches in NSW & ACT, we are open to people from any denomination.

YES! Plunge is an on-campus 3 day per week experience which is practically based and as such doesn’t require too much additional study time. Most of the necessary reflection and study work has been built into the schedule of the 3 on-campus days; however, there will occasionally be a limited amount of reading, research and assessment pieces to be completed at other times.

Whilst Plunge is definitely a fun time and is based around experiential learning, Plunge is not just a chance to have a good time. Friendships, experiences, challenges and learning are all part of what makes Plunge an enjoyable year-long experience.

However, it also needs to be noted that Plunge is an accredited course of learning and in order to graduate students will need to contribute to class time, engage in research and reflection, as well as complete appropriate subject competency levels. Plunge is an opportunity to have fun whilst laying the right foundations and taking opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.

Morling College has limited accommodation available for students. Accommodation fees are available on the Morling College website. To apply for accommodation please download the form and Accommodation Guide from the Morling College website.

For fees and to apply for accommodation please click here.

(For Certificate Stream Only) Deferment means that you have received an offer to enrol in a program but have been given permission by the university to delay the commencement of the program until semester 1 of the following academic year.

Most universities offer this service. However, you can find out your chosen university’s deferment policy on the University Admissions Centre website or by contacting the university directly. Information included with your UAC letter of offer will explain how to apply for deferment.

Morling College is located at 120 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park and is easily accessible by car as well as public transport. The new railway station at Macquarie University is only 400m from Morling. Eastwood railway station and Epping railway station both have regular buses to Macquarie Centre and travel past the front of the College. Macquarie Centre and Macquarie University are both within walking distance of Morling College and have regular bus services from all parts of Sydney.


The course starts mid-February with Orientation week and classes commencing the following week. Morling College breaks follow the NSW school holidays with a slightly larger break in winter, and ending the year late in November.

The Plunge course is designed to be implemented in small to medium class sizes. We highly value our close knit community and our smaller class sizes are an important part of continuing to offer the unified cohort experience.

Yes. If you need to report to Centrelink or another organisation about your study load, Plunge is classified as a fulltime course.

Applications will officially close in late January, however, we recommend that if possible, applications are in before the Christmas period to ensure the best chance of receiving a place in the course. We do two rounds of interviews – in Nov/Dec and in January/Feb.

Yes, you can receive some credit toward further study in Ministry or Theology at Morling College.

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