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  • Learning to live out dynamic faith, radical lifestyle and adventurous mission as a part of a community of Christian young people.
  • Focussed biblical and spiritual engagement that stretches you, challenges you, and engages you.
  • Life and ministry experiences in Australia and cross-culturally to show you the world and the ways you can impact that world for Jesus.
  • Personal and spiritual development in a strong and supportive Christian community. You’ll experience love and laughter while you learn.
  • Community engagement with issues that count so you can minister right where God has already placed you or find a new ministry passion.

PLUNGE is a Christian GAP YEAR program designed for 18-23 year olds to challenge you personally and spiritually and develop you as a leader. This three-day-per-week program, primarily located on the campus of Morling College, is designed to equip you with the biblical understanding, skills and behaviour that you need to navigate life ahead with confidence and competence.

At PLUNGE you learn from interactive group discussions, experiences and reflections. You learn from visiting places of interest and engaging in the community around you and the wider Morling College community. You learn by being challenged physically and mentally with a group of your peers and reflecting on the experience from a biblical standpoint.

PLUNGE is a one-year investment that follows the College year and semester schedule. PLUNGE ends with a celebration dinner and participation in the Morling College Graduation Ceremony in the following year.

PLUNGE is a learning program based on an action-reflection model. Depending on your stream, when you satisfactorily complete PLUNGE you will receive either a Diploma of Christian Studies or an Academic Studies in Theology Certificate.

If you are looking for the opportunity to deepen your experience of God, understanding of the Bible and make new friends, we invite you to consider PLUNGE!

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Morling College is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, Morling College is approved to deliver the following courses of the ACT (CRICOS 650E).

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