SRE Training – Certificate in Theology

Special Religious Education (SRE) Training

Morling College is offering two Special Religious Education (SRE) units in conjunction with a Certificate in Theology. These units will be offered in semester 1 and semester 2 each year.

  • Teaching Faith in the Classroom – TCFC
    In this exciting new unit, you will develop specialised skills for teaching faith and Christian studies in contemporary secular classrooms. You’ll learn about the cultures and contexts in which the Christian faith is taught in government schools, the different ways students learn, and how to prepare and deliver lessons. This is a core unit for High School SRE teachers.
  • Introduction to Pastoral Care – IPC
    In this unit you’ll explore biblical foundations and best practices for pastoral care. You’ll form skills in caring for people in crisis situations, in referrals, and in providing competent care. You’ll develop an understanding of people in social relationships, and consider how best to provide care in a wide variety or situations and contexts. This is a preferred core unit for High School SRE teachers

COST: The fee for each unit is reduced to $400, to assist those completing it for SRE Teacher Accreditation.

If you wish to complete these subjects in conjunction with a Certificate of Theology, please click here to view further information about the course, and other units available.

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