At Morling, our students have the support of course advisers. Course advisers provide advice and assistance to both prospective and existing students throughout their studies. Listed below are the course advisers for each speciality area and level of study.

Bible, Ministry, Theology Course Advisors 2017
Diploma Courses (Pathway 1 and Pathway 2)Miyon Chung
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Christian Studies
Adv. Diploma of Ministry
Darrell Jackson
Bachelor of Theology
Advanced Diploma of Theology
Graduate Certificate of Divinity
Graduate Diploma of Divinity
Masters of Divinity
Projects and Capstone Units
David Starling
Master of MinistryTim MacBride
Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies
Diploma of Christian Studies
Master of Arts (Christian Studies)
Postgraduate Courses
Andrew Sloane

Accreditation – Keith Mitchell

Education – Pam Harvey

Counselling – Neil Harris

Plunge – Pip Miner

Accommodation – Mal MacCallum

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