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Community Life

Many of our students take up the opportunity to live on campus in the residential accommodation facilities. Over lunches and dinners students can bring their friends, families and often pastors to share a meal, play some table tennis and enjoy learning. Morling seeks to be a community of people where there are no social, relational or cultural barriers amongst our students and staff.

Morling’s staff recognises that, at times, students may experience personal, relational, spiritual or financial burdens and the staff are available to provide pastoral care to those in need. In particular:

  • The Dean of Students, is available throughout the week to meet with students and address any welfare concerns. Students can also email or phone the Dean if need be. Referral to Christian counsellors and/or other healthcare professionals can be arranged by the Dean if needed. The Dean is also available to students who need academic support with their studies.
  • The Bursar, is available to talk with students who are experiencing financial stress or difficulty.
  • Students can seek support through their SRG (Student Representative Group) for college-related issues. Single on-campus students can also meet with the on-campus tutors for pastoral care and academic advice. See the SRG Page
  • The Morling Administrative staff are available during office hours to support students and will be able to contact health services in case of an emergency.

In addition to the support service on campus, the Macquarie Park precinct is well equipped with medical centres, dental practices and other support services close by. The closest Medicare office and Medical Centre can be found at the Macquarie Centre shopping complex.

Morling College is committed to equipping men and women to know God, to love him and to serve him through experiencing community. Community is at the very core of what Morling is about. We believe that by students and staff taking part in the community life of the College, we will continue to grow as Christians and together. Community takes many forms at Morling.

During the academic semesters Morling has chapel services on Tuesdays and Thursdays where, as a family, we worship and celebrate the living God. Both full-time and part-time students have the opportunity to be involved in leadership roles in these services. Together with staff and faculty, students have the opportunity to pray for each other in the weekly chapel services, small groups and prayer triplets.

Life on Campus

Morling is committed to building strong relationships within our community. We value sharing life together over meals, worshipping God and praying together. Our weekly chapel services provide an opportunity for students and staff to share in fellowship and exercise gifts of leadership (preaching, facilitating worship, Bible reading and creative ministries).

Building relationships also happens through fun and informal activities. The table tennis area brings people together, and each year Morling has a soccer/ football team for men and women. In our student common room many students enjoy coffee and chats before and after lectures. For students who attend evening lectures on-campus supper is provided outside our library.

Morling is committed to ongoing discipleship for students during their studies. Throughout the week there are chapel services where all students and staff are invited to worship together and there is time scheduled for prayer triplets. Once a week at lunchtime the Contagious Mission Spot is open for all students to learn more about mission, meet with cross-cultural workers and pray for our world. Students are also encouraged to enrol in the unit GSF (Guided Spiritual Formation) to help guide their ongoing spiritual formation.

Morling has a student body called the SRG(Student Representative Group) who meet together at lunchtimes to discuss student matters, events and student life in general. To see the SRG please click here.


Morling College is a residential college providing accommodation for full-time students and their families in a variety of apartments including the Morling Residential College which opened in July 2016. Community is a central aspect of college life at Morling. We offer a number of rooms, units and townhouses for our students who study on campus with us. As there is considerable demand for this accommodation, it is wise to apply to the College as early as possible. We will confirm availability to students once they are formally accepted in a full-time course of study.

Single students

Accommodation for single full-time students is in single rooms within shared accommodation. Each room is carpeted and fitted with a wardrobe, desk, bookcase and bed. Students are required to bring their own bed linen and towels. The tariff includes all weekly meals. Living on campus is a great way to experience community and you can do this through eating meals together in the Dining Hall during term time. Click here for more information about Morling Residential College. 

Married Couples

One bedroom, self-contained units are available on campus for a married full-time student and their spouse.

Married Couples with Children

Accommodation for a married full-time student with children is provided in two and three bedroom, self-contained units and townhouses.

For more information please contact us on (02) 9878 0201 or contact us.

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