Equipped to Preach the Word

Morling College is committed to equipping men and women to powerfully preach God’s Word. Students at all levels of experience can access a full range of hands-on homiletics courses, delivered by a teaching faculty of recognised preacher/pastors. These courses are augmented by regular preaching skills workshops, various Masters intensives, the Morling Preaching Conference, and regular Preaching Skills Days. Morling also offers a Preaching Internship to suitable candidates.

Key values include :

  • Making clear the relevance and power of God’s Word
  • Impressing the urgent need for passionate and committed preaching of the gospel
  • Expecting the gospel of Jesus to change lives
  • Understanding audiences and the power of communication
  • Learning practical methods which make a lasting impact
  • Coaching the developing gifts of individual trainee preachers
  • Dependence on the sovereign work of God’s Spirit.

Classes in Homiletics

  • Principles of Hermeneutics (on campus or online, semester one) — focusing on the interpretation and application of the different genres found in Scripture
  • Introductory Preaching (on campus or online, semester two and summer school 2017) — grounding in basic preaching practice
  • Advanced Preaching (on campus, semester one; online from 2018) — exploring various preaching methodologies; refining skills and developing a personal style

Preacher training at Morling focuses on the student. Provisions are made for individualised coaching and for long-term strategies designed to support developing preachers through their college years and beyond into various ministry settings.

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