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Not in Kansas Anymore – One Day Symposium

The role of the church in a strange new world

Monday, 21 August

What is the role of God’s people in an increasingly post-christian West?

Are we activist exiles or quaint keepers of an ancient flame?

Are we to lean in to culture and insist on our right to act as chaplains to a fading Christendom, or should we withdraw and exercise the ‘Benedict option’?

Drawing on Anabaptist and mainline church voices, this symposium will provide opportunities for us to reflect biblically and creatively on the place of the church in a context where God’s people feel increasingly marginalised and overlooked. Workshops throughout the day will explore three different views – How have Christians been placed historically, Christians out in the world and the implications for the Church.

Presenters will come from a variety of perspectives, and including people such as  Matt Anslow, Dave Benson, Mike Frost, Kate Brennan Harrison,  Stephen McAlpine, Brooke Prentis, Ian Robinson, David Starling, and many more…

This symposium will give you the opportunity to wrestle with whether you will move to the fringes of society, offering an alternative voice in society, or to remain as a faithful presence within a society that has historically been based on Christian ideals.

More details to come..

Morling College, 122 Herring Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113. Entrance to Morling College is via Saunders close.
Various Presenters
Monday, 21 August 2017 | 9.30am to 5pm



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