Key Dates

Key Dates

Morling College provides resources to keep students informed as to the key dates and schedules that are a part of life in the college community. These resources are available for download and are updated frequently.


Morling College understands the importance of events, conferences and activities in the lives of students. We offer a variety of student events during the course of our academic year. Students can review the schedule of events by downloading the Morling College Calendar.

To view Calendar, click here.

Semester Timetable

Student life at Morling College follows a semester schedule. Information regarding meal times, course times, and the time and offering of units of study is available on the current semester timetable. Course offerings and meeting locations are also provided for your reference.

Subject availability for the current academic year, along with information for part-time students, is also available to download.

To view the Timetables, click here.

Assignment and Exam Schedule

The assignment and exam schedules are available for download through Morling Online (Moodle).

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