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For Tuition Fees


The Federal Government offers the HECS-style government loan scheme FEE-HELP to assist Australians to fund their education through paying an eligible student’s tuition fees. Eligible students (Australian citizens and residents who hold a permanent humanitarian visa) attending Morling will be able to access a loan of up to $96,000 (current lifetime limit in 2014) for the course they are undertaking. This loan will then be repaid through the taxation system once the student’s taxable income is above a certain threshold. This income threshold is $53,345 per annum for the 2014-2015 income year.

The Government currently charges a 25% loan fee on FEE-HELP for Undergraduate courses; however, there is no loan fee for units of study in Graduate or Postgraduate courses.

FEE-HELP is available for all units taken for credit towards an award at Morling (except for Plunge and the Certificate of Theology) and eligible students should complete a Request for FEE-HELP form with their first enrolment in any new course of study and indicate payment using FEE-HELP on each enrolment form.

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Please note that at the time of printing the Australian Government has introduced proposed changes to Higher Education as part of the 2014 Federal Budget. Pending successful passage through parliament, these changes may affect  FEE-HELP. These changes have not been finalised and students should consult the Study Assist website for up-to-date information.

Upfront Payments

Upfront payment of tuition fees should be made by the end of Week 1 each semester. Payments can be made via the following methods:

Make a Payment Online
direct Direct Transfer payments can be made through Internet Banking quoting:
BSB: 082-344     Account Number: 027622360
Account Name: Morling College
Customer Reference Number:  as displayed on your invoice or statement
B-Pay BPAY payments can be made from your cheque, savings, debit or credit card:
BPAY®  Biller Code: 134528
Customer Reference Number:  as displayed on your invoice or statement
online Online payments can be made from Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards through the Morling website quoting:
Customer Reference Number:  as displayed on your invoice or statement
person In Person payments can be made through Reception using cash, cheque, money order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express debit and credit cards.
Cheque Cheque payments made payable to Morling College can be posted to 120 Herring Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Australia.  No staples please.
Phone Phone payments can be made from Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card by calling +61 2 9878 0201.

Any student who has elected to pay their fees upfront but has not paid their fees in full by the end of Week 1 of each semester will automatically default to the Instalment Plan.

Instalment Plan

Domestic students are permitted to pay upfront fees through an Instalment Plan where payment can be received in instalments. A fee of 2.5% of the outstanding sum is levied after each instalment date. It is advisable to make the earlier payments as high as possible in order to reduce this fee.

International Students

International Students are required to pay tuition fees upfront in full by the end of Week 1. FEE-HELP and the Instalment Plan are not available.

Students with an outstanding students account balance at the end of the semester will not receive their results and will not be allowed to enrol or graduate. Students having financial difficulty should contact the Finance Department to discuss their situation.

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