Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

In order to provide the students of Morling College with the best Christian education and support possible, the academic faculty and staff are uniquely gifted for the purpose of providing biblically based education in all of our fields. In order to be able to teach our students, Morling requires that all faculty members be actively involved in local ministry.

Above all, the team at Morling seeks to love God and his word, and to serve the students in all that we do.

We invite you to take a moment to meet the team which includes the academic faculty and staff in each of the focus areas. Please choose from the focus areas below. Here you can read the biographies of each of our team members.

Leadership Team


Rev. Dr Ross Clifford (AM)

Vice Principal

Rev Dr Michael Frost

Rev Dr Graham Hill (Communications)

Academic Dean

Rev. Dr Ian O’Harae

General Manager

Mr Peter McCrindle

Bible, Ministry and Theology

Students who are interested in understanding God’s word often take courses or major in Ministry, the Bible or Theology. Many of these courses of study relate to one another and are closely tied, as it is almost impossible to offer strong, positive ministry without a full understanding of the Bible. By equipping students with a strong, spiritual foundation, Morling College strives to provide local and foreign churches with leaders and educators.

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Some people feel called to serve God through the specific helping profession of Counselling. Located on the Morling campus near Macquarie Park University, the Counselling department offers Morling College students an opportunity to learn the skills and application of counselling from faculty who are all currently practicing educators and clinicians in providing therapy to the general community.

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Morling Education offers a variety of postgraduate and graduate courses for people interested in expanding their knowledge of education from a Christian worldview. Morling Education students can develop their thinking to inform their educational practice while having the flexibility that distance education provides.

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Plunge (Gap Year)

Morling College is proud to present PLUNGE, a specialised one-year course for students between the ages of 18 and 23. In our fluid society, young adults often struggle with their self-identity and their faith in God. The PLUNGE program offers young adults knowledge, spiritual support and guidance, while opening the doors for ministry and a strong understanding of God and the Bible.

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Administration and Support

Wide-ranging support for the students at Morling College is provided by the administrative staff. With various departments handling a diverse assortment of tasks including financial aid, marketing and recruitment, enrolments, technical support and infrastructure, as well as many other general duties, the administrative staff provides the basic foundation to ensure the highest quality of Christian education possible for our students.

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