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The degrees are awarded by Morling College Ltd. These degrees are nationally and internationally recognised. Accreditation is given by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).

Morling College is also listed on the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) website as recognized providers of approved programs at this website.

Please note that while the courses are nationally accredited as approved Higher Education courses, each state has different regulations concerning teacher registration. Completion of a Morling College course does not guarantee teacher registration in your state. Please contact the appropriate state authority before enrolling for advice.

It will depend on whether you study part-time or full-time. The Education Handbook gives further details.

A unit will take one semester to complete.

If you devoted 2-3 evenings (2 – 3 hours per evening) a week to the material and part of your Saturday (3 – 4 hours say) that should enable you to cover the material and write the assignments comfortably. However, you may want to spend more time to achieve higher grades.

Please ensure that you send certified copies of your qualifications together with your application form to the College.

An invoice will be sent at the beginning of semester and payment should be made within the first two weeks of semester.  Failure to pay your account  by the due date may result in removal from the unit.

Most materials are available on line at least two weeks prior to the start of semester. However, students must already be enrolled before obtaining access to the materials.

There are normally two or three assignments per unit. There are no exams.

Morling Library catalogue is available online. Refer to the library page for further information.

Journal articles or chapters of books may be scanned and sent to students who are studying by distance by email upon request. This may be a quicker and cheaper option than postage in some cases and is also available for students living overseas. Copyright guidelines will apply (see below) and limits on the number of requests at any particular time may apply if demand is too great.

Limited photocopying from books and journals is also available from the College Library so long as the request falls within the parameters of the Copyright Act.

Compliance with the Copyright Act means that:

  • Only one ‘copy’ of an item may be sent (‘copy’ here includes a hardcopy, that is, a published book, and a soft or digital copy).
  • Copies can only be provided for private research or study connected with the unit in which you are enrolled with Morling College.
  • A maximum of 10% or one chapter of a book may be copied.
  • One article per journal issue only may be copied. More articles may be copied if they deal with the same, narrow, subject area (definition of same subject area is discretionary, and will be decided by Library staff).

Photocopying and scanning of up to 5 pages are free. After that, a fee of 10c per page will be charged. Postage will be paid by the College. The Librarian retains the right to refuse requests for unreasonable amounts of photocopying.

Photocopies which are faxed on request will accrue additional charges. These charges must be paid for in advance at the following rates:

Within Australia First page $A2.00

Other pages $A0.50

Overseas First page $A3.00

Other pages $A0.75

Please contact the library staff for further information or help.

You will find the Morling Moodle site here.

Please contact Morling if you are unsure what your username is.

Interlibrary loans are available for students, however for undergraduates and non-ACT students there is a charge which is currently $16.50. Please contact the library to request further information.

Postgraduate students are also eligible for reciprocal borrowing rights at Macquarie University. Please contact the library to request further information.

Penalties and fines apply for overdue books. Refer to the library page for further information.

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