Education Testimonials

Education Testimonials

Hear from some of our graduates and current Education students

Tom – Education Student

Masters Student from South Australia

I want to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the course in every respect. It has been particularly pleasing for me, as an evangelical with an interest in seeing the application of both clear Christ-centered thinking and good educational practice to school education, to experience just how well these imperatives have been brought together in a thoroughly integrated way.

The course is Christ-centered and Bible-based in a way which I am finding highly relevant to encouraging a practical and authentic ‘working theology’: i.e. one which explicitly acknowledges the role of every Christian in living out the Gospel in every situation, including their role in the classroom or in leadership in education. The compulsory theology subjects have been very beneficial, brining personal growth and raising challenges relevant to living out the Gospel in the post-modern world.

In facing the challenges of Christian education in the contemporary context, this same approach comes through most clearly in a very helpful way, defining the “Christian distinctive’ which should be the hallmark of Christian schooling now and in the future. Indeed my observation would be that with such clear, Christ-centered educational thinking guiding the development of out teachers and leaders in Christian schools the future is very exciting, with an ongoing increase in maturity and professionalism.

I believe it is vital to see the ongoing professional development of the sector in this way, and I commend the role Southland College is playing in ensuring high quality courses with a solid grounding biblical principles.

Student from NZ

I have found that the reflection questions and application in the unit, Christian Schooling, I have just studied are invaluable for me. The journal I have written has provided important principles and frameworks for my planning of the new International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School. I am looking forward to receiving comments and suggestions from the lecturer. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me. Praise the Lord!

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