Morling Courses: Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies

Graduate Diploma of Christian Studies


The Graduate Diploma of Christian studies is an integrative course and can be considered as the first half of the Master of Arts (Christian studies). Students are required to complete a project that combines an area of their theological study with their vocation. The Graduate Diploma is surrendered by students who go on to complete the Master of Arts (Christian studies).

Entry Requirements

This degree is open to those who have graduated with or qualified for (at least) a bachelor degree or equivalent qualification in a non-theological discipline from an Australian university or other approved higher education provider, or who have successfully completed a course of study which is deemed equivalent.

Course Outcomes

This course equips graduates with the theological and other understandings and skills needed to apply a Christian perspective and commitment to their life in the world, including their professional and vocational life, and is designed to integrate theological reflection with the particular occupational and/or general interests of students.

Career Options

Historically, graduates from the management, business, legal, education, health and aged-care professions have been among those particularly attracted to this course.

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.

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