Beliefs & Vision

Beliefs & Vision

Mike_Frost_2014Morling College’s vision is to provide quality, biblically-grounded education and training, with the aim of equipping the whole believer to take the whole gospel to the whole world.

Statement of Beliefs

The Statement of Faith is in accordance with the 1979 Statement of Faith of the Baptist Union of NSW & ACT Assembly, amended to include gender inclusive language following the 2002 and 2003 Assemblies.

  1. The Nature and Unity of the Godhead
  2. The Deity and Humanity of Christ
  3. The Holy Spirit
  4. The Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures
  5. The Sinfulness of People
  6. Christ’s Atonement for Human Sin
  7. The Work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation
  8. The Church
  9. The Baptism of Believers Only by Immersion
  10. The Communion
  11. The Return of the Lord Jesus Christ
  12. The Resurrection of the Dead
  13. Rewards and Punishments in a Future State

For further details, please visit the Baptist Churches of NSW & ACT website here.

Our Values

We are committed to…

  1. Transformational Discipleship
  2. Unity in Diversity
  3. Evangelical Conviction
  4. Missional Focus
  5. Educational Excellence

Our Strategic Objectives

We will…

  1. Mobilise People for Ministry and Mission
  2. Cultivate Personal Formation
  3. Pursue Excellence and Innovation in Education and Research
  4. Foster Community
  5. Facilitate World-view Engagement
  6. Provide Ongoing Training
  7. Support Congregations
  8. Partner with Like-minded Bodies

Our Values Explained

1. Transformational Discipleship

We long to be people who love God with all our heart and soul and mind and strength, and so we will pursue a balance between academic study, practical training and spiritual formation, knowing that such integration transforms us as whole persons.

2. Unity in Diversity

We welcome a diversity of theological opinion and ministry practice on secondary issues, within a framework of shared evangelical conviction. And we delight in the diversity of cultures, genders, backgrounds and gifts represented within our college community, and seek to give practical expression to the unity we have in Christ.

3. Evangelical Conviction

We are committed to the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the life and mission of the church, in prayerful dependence on the power of the Spirit, to the glory of God. And we gladly submit to the authority of Scripture as God’s infallible word, and seek to honour the trustworthiness of God’s word in our teaching, aiming to combine intellectual rigour and integrity with a humble, gracious orthodoxy.

4. Missional Focus

We aim to equip men and women to take the whole gospel to the whole world, with vision, courage, wisdom and creativity, recognising the crucial importance of both evangelistic proclamation and active social concern. We affirm the centrality of the church within the purposes of God for the world, and we train pastors, teachers and evangelists to serve the church and its mission in the world.

5. Educational Excellence

We are committed to advancing knowledge and understanding through dedicated involvement in scholarly activities, and to improve our society through high levels of skills, knowledge and research, and excellent pastoral, spiritual, education and counselling contributions. We enable individuals to grow and learn throughout their lives, through personal and character formation and the enhancement of life-long learning. We are committed to quality education and professional formation of students that meet the expectations of our church, denominational, business, community-based and governmental constituents. We value equitable access to, and opportunities to participate successfully in, higher education, professional development and academic contribution. We will equip people to work in all spheres of society, to enhance the wellbeing of the community by contributing to a democratic, equitable and civilised society and to improving the national economy through high levels of skills, knowledge and research.

NSW & ACT Baptist Churches

NSW&ACT-BC_RGB_150dpiMorling College is the Baptist Bible & Theological college of NSW & ACT, training pastoral and related ministries in NSW & ACT churches. The NSW & ACT Baptist Churches have established five core values. These core values are:

  1. Christ Centred
  2. Mission Shaped
  3. Relationally Committed
  4. People Empowering
  5. Partnership Orientated

We encourage you to read more of the NSW & ACT Baptist Churches values as they give direction and provide a framework for Morling’s ministry. To read more of the NSW & ACT Baptist Churches values click here.

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