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Morling-StudentsConsidering applying for Morling College? We are here to help you with every step along the way. At Morling we offer training to help you expand your knowledge of God and his Word and to equip you to impact the world in which you live and serve.

We encourage you to find the course of study that is best suited to you. Morling provides Course Advising to any student who studies with us. The Morling team will work with you during every part of the application process and prayerfully review your personal statements, referrals and transcripts not only to make an appropriate decision but also to provide application assistance.

Applications Forms can be found here.

CROSS INSTITUTIONAL STUDENTS: Students of other ACT member colleges DO NOT have to submit an Application Form to Morling College. Simply complete and return the Enrolment form before the due date.

Morling offers a variety of courses designed to equip you in your service to God wherever your calling may be. We suggest you spend time reviewing our Courses and Units page to determine the course of study that is best suited to you. We offer courses in:

15 StudentsOur mission at Morling College is to equip the whole believer to take the whole gospel to the whole world. Using the Bible as our foundation, we offer an education that fully prepares men and women with sound biblical and theological knowledge, and that is relevant to today’s culture and society.  Perhaps you are unclear about your specific ministry calling but are still searching for cutting-edge training to develop your leadership capabilities. Morling provides application assistance to help you explore your study options.

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