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Mission, Evangelism & Ethics at the Tinsley Institute

1 MissionThe Tinsley Institute was founded by Morling College’s Vice Principal, Dr Michael Frost and works in close conjunction with Morling College students and staff. Morling has a long tradition and an enviable reputation as a college that takes seriously the need to equip the whole believer for the task of taking the whole gospel to the whole world. Former Morling students are currently serving in Malawi, Cambodia, Thailand, Central Asia, the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our Tinsley faculty has expertise in cross-cultural mission, evangelism, church planting, and missional church thinking and practice. In recognition of this, members of our faculty serve the Lausanne movement, the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission, and the Forge mission training program, as well as speaking regularly at global level.

Tinsley offers an integrated cross-cultural mission program, designed to equip students and church leaders with the key skills, wisdom and knowledge that they will require to survive and thrive in just about any cross-cultural setting as disciples of Jesus.

Watch. Learn. Do.

Missional leadership is not something that can be taught just within the classroom. It needs to be caught through engagement in the field. The Tinsley Institute’s mission is to guide those with a missional heart on the long, rewarding road of spreading God’s love and his word, whether it is close to home or overseas.

Through prayer, discussion and guidance from the Tinsley Institute staff, students and church leaders will be equipped in how to spread the gospel and tutored in how to uphold and maintain the strong code of ethics that Morling College and the Tinsley Institute strive to maintain.

A Five-Fold Program for Cross-Cultural Preparation

Our five-fold program of preparation, formation and education creates an exciting and imaginative cross-cultural preparation. Take a look and talk to us if you think you might be ready or are sensing God calling you into cross-cultural ministry and mission.

1. Inspire!

Twice per semester, students are given the opportunity to hear from missionaries on home assignment. Their stories of success, frustration, blessing and sacrifice will inspire and challenge you about what God is doing in our world today.

At least once per semester the College chapel preacher is a renowned international visitor with cross-cultural mission experience and insight. This is the place for the Holy Spirit to inspire your imagination and stir you to action. Previous international speakers have included Chris Wright, Charles Kraft, Ash Barker, Doug McConnell, Alan Hirsch, Steve Maina and Gerard Kelly.

2. Inform!

Every semester students can choose from at least four Mission-and-Evangelism-focused units taught by a combination of full-time and part-time faculty along with visiting practitioners. Church Planting, Cross-Cultural Communication, Cultural Anthropology, Applied Evangelism, Aid and Development, Living Faiths, Mission History, and Theology of Mission are just a few of the range of units we offer in this area of the curriculum.

Depending on your choice, you may be able to access our range of units delivered in intensive and semi-intensive modes, ideally suited to the busy mission leader or church leader working in a cross-cultural setting.

All of our Mission and Evangelism units are designed to engage head, heart and hands and will expand your knowledge, shape your character, and sharpen your skills.

3. Infect!

We run a weekly discussion group on campus called Contagious Mission during which we seek to infect students with a desire for global mission. This is the regular opportunity for students to interact in a more relaxed environment with missionaries and their experiences of cross-cultural ministry and mission. The discussion group has been designed to bring the more personal elements of the cross-cultural experience as close to you as possible.

4. Transform!

Have your mind and heart for cross-cultural ministry and mission challenged and transformed through the shared passion and wisdom of a key team of mission leaders. Three to four times every semester, NSW-based mission leaders contribute to the weekly Guided Spiritual Formation classes.

5. Engage!

Our Engage! overseas exposure visits will confront you with the realities of living and ministering in a cross-cultural setting.  Morling’s Engage! program will expose you to the challenges of cross-cultural ministry and mission in Australia as well as overseas. Engage! assumes that mission today has to be experienced from a global/local perspective. Overseas trips scheduled for 2013 will include ‘China to Sydney’ and ‘Missional Europe’. Previous trips have taken students to Cambodia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, India, Peru and Malawi. Our Engage! trips are accredited for study and Fee-Help purposes. All Morling students are also required to take part in at least one Engage! partnership mission trip during their period of undergraduate and graduate studies.


About Michael Frost

Rev. Dr Michael Frost, the founding Director of Tinsley Institute, is dedicated to spreading the word of God. Spearheading the missional church movement, he has given the Tinsley Institute the guidance and leadership necessary to teach emerging leaders how to spread the gospel to the needy and plant new churches in Australia and beyond.

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